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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between difference and difference?

difference 1. difference- the quality of being unlike ... 2. difference- a variation that deviates fr ... 3. difference- a disagreement or argument a ... 4. difference- a significant change; "the d ... 5. difference- the number that remains afte ...

What is the difference between difference and unlikeness?

These nouns refer to a lack of correspondence or agreement. Difference is the most general: differences in color and size; a difference of degree but not of kind. Dissimilarity and unlikeness often suggest a wide or fundamental difference: the dissimilarity between human and computer language; attracted to each other by their very unlikeness.

What is the percentage difference between V1 and V2?

Note that if we let V 1 = 7 and V 2 = 5 we would still have a difference of 33.33% because we are calculating a difference between two numbers and not a change from one number to another, percentage change . Percent Difference Equations Formulas Calculator from AJ Design Software, last visited 22, Feb. 2011.

Is percentage difference the same as percentage change?

No, these are two different notions. In percentage difference, the point of reference is the average of the two numbers that are given to us, while in percentage change it is one of these numbers that is taken as the point of reference. Moreover, unlike percentage change, percentage difference is a comparison without direction.

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