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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Dieri?

Lutheran missionaries established the Bethesda or Killalpaninna Mission among the Dieri in 1866. The first ethnographic reports regarding the Diyari were written by a police trooper, Samuel Gason (1845–1897) in 1874.

Who is the Dieri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC?

The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is the registered native title body corporation representing the Dieri People who are and always have been the traditional owners of the Dieri land. MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD Wishing all our Members a very happy New Year.

Who were the dieir women and what were they?

These women were women who were with dieir men at the beginning of their big stardom, and they felt entitled to be wives forever. The monitor's chimes sang dieir three-note paean, and its raddled gray face appeared to announce the final score: thirteen to twelve.

What are the two groups of Dieri?

Before the white intrusion on their lands made its impact, the Dieri were divided into two tribal groups, the Ku'na:ri around Cooper Creek and the Pandu in proximity of Lake Hope. Their kinship system was first studied by Howitt, who took it as exemplifying a form of one of the most socially backward of Australian tribes.

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