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Frequently Asked Questions

Is deviantART safe?

DeviantArt itself is safe, but some images may be offensive and download links may contain viruses.

Can I advertise on DeviantArt?

All individual artists and creative craftsmen may freely advertise their goods and services through their DeviantArt account in any reasonable fashion. To do so is not considered to be a violation of the restriction within the DeviantArt Terms of Service prohibiting commercial activities through a DeviantArt account.

What is deviantwatch on DeviantArt?

Those who appreciate your talent may click +deviantWATCH, which is the deviantART equivalent of bookmarking a Web site in your browser. People who watch your work are listed in your Watchers list, and they'll receive updates each time you upload new work.

What is deviantART exactly?

Deviantart is a museum where you can actually interact with the artist. It's the place where art is "living", paintings, stories, photographies, drawings are shared, viewed, criticized, praised, they aren't just put in a frame, they live.

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