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Frequently Asked Questions

How many letters are there in the 2016 Deutsche Bank annual report?

Deutsche Bank Annual Report 2016 3Letter from the Chairman of the Management Board – 3 Management Board – 9 Report of the Supervisory Board – 10 Supervisory Board – 22 Our business strategy – 24 Deutsche Bank share and bonds – 31 Let me now give you more details of our new structure.

How did Deutsche Bank perform in 2016?

2016was a very challenging year for us at Deutsche Bank. It was also a year in which we demonstrated our resilience and changed much for the better, despite a tough environment. Conditions were not easy. The world’s financial markets saw the most difficult start to the year for a generation in many capital market businesses.

What is Deutsche Bank's Strategy 2020?

Dear Shareholders, 2015was a challenging year for Deutsche Bank. We announced a new strategy which charts our course for the next five years, and embarked decisively on implementing it. The goal of our Strategy 2020is to build a better and stronger Deutsche Bank.

What was the provision for credit losses at Deutsch Bank in 2016?

Deutsche Bank 1 – Management Report 52 Annual Report 2016. Provision for Credit Losses. 2016 Provision for credit losses was € 1.4 billion in 2016, an increase of € 427 million, or 45 %, compared to the same period in 2015.

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