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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Desmos calculator?

Use Desmos Tools for Math Details: Access Desmos Tools Within an Activity Select Tools, and then click Desmos Graphing Calculator, Desmos Scientific Calculator, or Desmos Geometry. A separate Realize Desmos window opens for the tool you selected. Use the Graphing Calculator.

What is a scientific calculator Desmos?

The Desmos Graphing Calculator app is a graphing calculator for smartphones and tablets. The app also includes a scientific calculator to solve equations, square roots, logs, and more. The graphing calculator provides users the ability to plot as many functions as they please on polar, Cartesian, or parametric graphs.

How to use Desmos graph?

In the Realize Desmos window, click the list arrows on the left to open the list panel. In the list panel, click the plus sign to add an expression, note, table, folder, or image to your graph. When you finish creating your graph, enter a title in the Title box and click Save.

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