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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeSean Jackson injured?

Reports are out that DeSean Jackson is sore but there was no structural damage to his shoulder. DeSean Jackson injured his shoulder in yesterday's game when he went up to catch a pass, and was driven into the ground by one of the two defenders covering him.

Will DeSean Jackson play?

DeSean Jackson will play today, or at least try. It was going to be hard to keep DeSean Jackson out of his first game against the Eagles. Whether he’s able to contribute fully or not, he’s going to get a chance. Jackson is active for Washington today, meaning he’ll have an opportunity to make plays against his former team.

How old is DeSean Jackson?

DeSean Jackson is a 31 year old American Football (American) Player born on 1st December, 1986 in Long Beach, California, USA.

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