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Frequently Asked Questions

What dental insurance is best?

Delta Dental is the best dental insurance company because of its variety of plans, the depth of its coverage and the many convenience features it has. Of special note are that it sets a maximum price you pay for procedures rather than reimbursing a percentage.

Does OHP cover dental?

OHP covers doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, dental care, mental health services, and help with addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. OHP can provide glasses, hearing aids, medical equipment, home healthcare, and transportation to healthcare appointments. There are other benefit packages.

What is full coverage dental insurance?

Dental insurance coverage varies and completely depends on the plan you choose. In general, you can expect to get preventive care (oral exams, teeth cleaning), basic treatments (fillings, root canals) and major restorative services (crowns, implants, etc.).

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