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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a republic and a democracy the same thing?

A representative democracy is not a true democracy. It is actually the same thing as a republic. In a republic (representative democracy) the people elect leaders to go listen to their collective voices, and then those leaders get together and talk among themselves and vote on law.

What is the same about a republic and a democracy?

The main difference between a republic and a democracy is the charter or constitution that limits power in a republic, often to protect the individual's rights against the desires of the majority. In a true democracy, the majority rules in all cases, regardless of any consequences...

Is a republic a kind of democracy?

And, surprise, a representative democracy is a kind of republic. What distinguishes a republic is that it has an elected government. Representative democracies are, therefore, a kind of republic. Self-appointed governments such as monarchies, dictatorships, oligarchies, theocracies and juntas are not republics.

What kind of democracy is Republic?

A republic is a representative form of democracy. A republic has an elected head of state, such as a president, that serves for a specific period of time. In a republic, the interest of the majority rules through its elected representatives.

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