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Frequently Asked Questions

How do political parties promote democracy?

Political parties. In every modern democracy the will of the people is represented by elected members of parliament. These representatives organise themeselves in political parties. Parties do play a central role in the process of creating and negotiating working solutions for public affairs.

Are political parties destroying democracy?

They have destroyed democracy , as voters elect politicians to represent them , then these same politicians represent political parties not electors . Also in many political systems there are basically only two political parties , and as in the US individuals cannot become president , and all this has meant no real democracy .

Is two party system good for Democracy?

The United States has a two-party system. This means two major parties dominate the government. Although other parties do exist in the United States, the Democratic and Republican parties dominate the government. In many ways, the two-party system is beneficial for promoting the public good.

What does democratically mean?

pertaining to or of the nature of democracy or a democracy. pertaining to or characterized by the principle of political or social equality for all: democratic treatment.

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