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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of my Delta Air Lines flight?

Like all airlines, also Delta Air Lines flights can have a different status, like delayed, cancelled or on time. Usually, the airline is trying to update you on the status of your flight directly in conjunction with the airport you are flying from.

Is there a real time flight tracker for Delta?

Real-time Delta Airlines Flight Tracker: Track The Current Flight Position And Flight Status Track any Delta Airlines flight live with the free online flight tracker. To track a flight and obtain flight details click on one of the aircrafts displayed on the flight radar map.

How do I know when my Delta Flight is going to leave?

Delta Airlines International flight status is also a great resource to check out, because it can tell you when the next flight from your departure airport is going to leave, as well as your flight status in that country. You can also find out when your flight is going to depart from an airport outside of the United States if it’s a non-stop flight.

What information is needed to get flight status on a Delta Air Lines flight?

What information is needed to get flight status on a Delta Air Lines flight? To get a flight status on a Delta Air Lines flight you need to know the flight number, the airline abbreviation (DL) as well as the date you are flying. Inserting this into tools like FLIO will allow you to receive real-time updates on the development of the flight.

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