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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeLonghi good brand for espresso machines?

Delonghi is a good brand for espresso machines and the average coffee lover could rely on their brewers. The more money you're willing to spend the more features and options you will get. High-end espresso machines from Delonghi are considered durable, so they will serve you well for many years. Espresso has to do with temperature and pressure.

Where are DeLonghi products made?

De'Longhi S.p.A is an Italian small appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. The company was founded by the De' Longhi family in 1902 as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop.

Where are DeLonghi Coffee Makers made?

A DeLonghi coffee maker is a recent innovation of the DeLonghi group. Based in Treviso, Italy, the DeLonghi Group was founded in 1902 as a small industrial parts-making workshop, incorporated in 1950.

Where is DeLonghi espresso manufactured?

DeLonghi dehumidifiers are manufactured in Italy. They are well made by current standards although, like all portable models, they have relatively short working lives. All three models in the range are low capacity units.

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