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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my webcam on my Dell laptop?

Sit up straight in the chair and look toward the webcam located in the top center of your computer’s monitor. 3. Click the “Capture Mode” button to start recording or transmitting your image to the webcam. You will see yourself on the Dell Webcam Central’s screen.

How do you use webcam on Dell laptop?

Select "Dell Webcam Manger" from the list of options in the new window. This program should come installed with your Inspiron, but if it didn't you can download it online for free (see Resources). The webcam window will pop up on your screen. Use the control panel in the webcam window to take photos and record video.

Does Dell laptop D630 have a webcam?

The Latitude D630 does not go with a camera . What you are referring to is Ambient Light Sensor or ALS. This feature will determine the neccessary amount of backlight for the LCD panel, so it adjust to the light in the environment. You can refer to the below link for more information.

How do you access BIOS on Dell laptop?

Turn on your computer. If your computer is already on then reboot it. You need to see the initial display screen to get into the BIOS. Press the "F2" key when you see the initial screen displaying the BIOS provider information. If using the Optiplex and Dimension models, press the "DEL" key instead of the "F2" key.

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