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Frequently Asked Questions

What are proactive remediations and why are they important?

As mentioned last week, proactive remediations are script packages that can detect common issues and remediate those issues if needed. All of that before the user even realizes that there is an issue. Those remediations can help with reducing support calls.

How do I create script packages for proactive remediations?

Use the following information to create script packages for Proactive remediations. This table shows the script names, descriptions, detections, remediations, and configurable items. Script files whose names start with Detect are detection scripts. Remediation scripts start with Remediate.

How do I schedule a proactive remediation?

Planning is key. Make sure you assign the Proactive Remediation giving enough time for your device to check in and run the remediation script “before” the scheduled task is triggered to run. $TargetDate = (Get-Date -Day 24 -Month 5 -Year 2021).ToString(“ddMMyyy”)

What is proactive remediations in endpoint analytics?

Privacy policy. Thank you. Proactive remediations in Endpoint analytics helps you fix common support issues before end-users notice issues. Use Proactive remediations to help increase your User experience score. In this tutorial, you learn how to:

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