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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between proactive and retroactive interference?

Proactive interference causes people to forget knowledge and ideas that have been learned recently because of interference from old memories. On the other hand, retroactive interference occurs when recently learned information makes the mind forget previously learned information.

What does proactive interference of long-term memory means?

Proactive interference is when older memories interfere with the retrieval of newer memories. Because older memories are often better rehearsed and more strongly cemented in long-term memory, it is often easier to recall previously learned information rather than more recent learning.

What is an example of a constructive interference?

Examples of constructive interference include unpredictable rogue waves at sea and the behavior of sound in well-designed concert halls. In both situations, constructive interference occurs when multiple waves increase their amplitude by interfering with one another.

What does proactive mean definition?

The definition of proactive is someone who takes an active role in dealing with something before it needs to be taken care of . An example of proactive is a student studying for a fall semester class during their summer vacation.

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