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Frequently Asked Questions

What is proactive and reactive aggression?

Proactive aggression is a more manipulative type of aggression and is associated with individuals who exhibit interpersonal impairments, egocentric personalities, and narcissistic traits. However, more passive, proactive aggression can be just as damaging as reactive aggression.

What are examples of being proactive?

Examples of being proactive are packing a briefcase the night before a meeting, reducing the risk of crime by hiring additional police officers and doing laundry before all the clothes are dirty. Proactive means acting in expectation of future needs or problems.

What is the difference between proactive and reactive behavior?

Difference between Proactive and Reactive Behaviour. Proactive and reactive are very important terms when it comes to the type of lifestyle you choose to live. In fact proactive behaviour is influenced by a lifestyle choice, whereas reactive behaviour waits for choices to be made and then responds – hence the reaction part.

What is prosocial aggression?

PROSOCIAL AGGRESSION. That form of aggression that is called upon to halt or prevent a social wrong. As in tripping a person after they have stolen a purse. PROSOCIAL AGGRESSION: "Knocking down the thief as he was about to get away is an example of prosocial aggression.".

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