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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flexible working?

Flexible Working definition. Flexible working, also known as flextime or flexitime, refers to non-traditional working arrangements that take into account an individual’s personal needs, often involving some degree of working from home. Flexible working is often used to describe any other working arrangement than the traditional nine –to-five.

What are the different types of flexible work arrangements?

Flexible work arrangement is an umbrella term that covers many forms of work, depending on the needs of employees and businesses. Let’s discuss common types of flexible work arrangements. 1. Flextime Flextime is a working arrangement that allows employees to choose their start and finish times at work.

How do you implement a flexible work schedule?

A better approach might be testing the schedule with agreeable employees and/or introducing it to new hires before implementing it as one of your flexible work arrangements. 4. Customized Working Hours Allowing workers to choose their own work hours (within reason) is a great perk—and free for an organization to offer.

What are the most common flexible work policies?

Here are the most common flexible work policies: Flex time, also known as adjusted hours, allows employees to choose what time they start working and what time they leave. This gives them more freedom to move work hours around to accommodate activities that take precedence without missing hours, or to work when they are most productive.

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