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Frequently Asked Questions

How to explain the difference between "affect" and "effect"?

Usage in Special Cases Affect as a Noun. When used as a noun, "affect" refers to the external display of one's emotions or moods. ... Effect as a Verb. When used as a verb, "effect" means to execute, produce, or accomplish something. ... Effects as a plural noun. The word "effects" can also be used to mean "a person's belongings". ...

When to use effect vs affect?

Affect vs Effect. Most generally, affect is used as a verb and effect is used as a noun. When something “affects” something, it produces an “effect” on it. In some situations “effect” is also used as a verb while “affect” is applied as a noun.

What does the word effect mean?

Affect refers to the experience of feeling or emotion. Affect is a key part of the process of an organism's interaction with stimuli. The word also refers sometimes to affect display, which is "a facial, vocal, or gestural behavior that serves as an indicator of affect".

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