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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of remorseless behavior?

English Language Learners Definition of remorseless : very cruel and showing no pity or sympathy for other people : continuing in a way that does not end or that seems impossible to stop See the full definition for remorseless in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What was the sentence for a remorseless killer?

his remorseless pursuit of justice the remorseless killer was sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole. Recent Examples on the Web. During the Manson trials, all three women were visibly and vocally remorseless, and all three were sentenced to death in 1971; these sentences were commuted to life in 1972.

What are some recent examples of remorseless crime examples?

Recent Examples on the Web The Denver public saw the young Black face of a remorseless criminal, someone who deserved a life sentence or worse. — Lynnell Hancock, The New Republic, 23 Nov. 2021 Trying to defend the seemingly remorseless killing of an unarmed suspect is another. — Star Tribune, 24 Jan. 2021

Does the remorseless passage of time claim the old?

As the war kills the young, so the remorseless passage of time claims the old. Browne demolishes these four claims, step by remorseless step, with studies and examples drawn from military experience. The same remorseless logic applies to retraining; at some point, investments in new education simply don't repay their costs.

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