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Frequently Asked Questions

How many daughters of Matlock have there been?

I saw at least three different actresses play it. Answer: There were two daughters, by my count, Steve, but three different actresses did indeed carry the role. When Diary of a Perfect Murder, the Matlock pilot film, first aired in early 1986, lawyer daughter Charlene Matlock was played by Lori Lethin.

What happened to Ben Matlock's daughter Charlene Matlock?

During season one, Ben Matlock’s practice was a father-daughter venture. Charlene, his daughter, was completely written out of the series after only one season. Her departure was explained away by saying that she had moved to Philadelphia to go start her own law firm.

Who are the original members of the Matlock cast?

Original cast (from left): Kene Holliday, Andy Griffith and Linda Purl The series premiered with Ben Matlock having a law practice with his daughter, Charlene (played by Lori Lethin in the pilot movie; Linda Purl took over the role when the series went to air).

Who plays Leanne McIntyre on Matlock?

First appearance of Brynn Thayer as Leanne McIntyre, Matlock's daughter. Fans of the show debate whether this is supposed to be a second daughter or his only daughter. In season one, Linda Purl played Charlene Matlock, who left to go to work in Philadelphia, PA.

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