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Frequently Asked Questions

Is datum plural or singular?

In other types of writing it is either singular or plural. The singular datum meaning “a piece of information” is now rare in all types of writing. In surveying and civil engineering, where datum has specialized senses, the plural form is datums.

What is create datum?

what is Create Datum? what is Create Datum? documentation says: "create geometry with the History mode deactivated . In this case, when you create an element, there are no links to the other entities that were used to create that element."

Is datum the singular form of data?

Datum is the singular form of Data. This word is rarely used in day to day routine, and hence it is uncommon among us. Datum can be referred to as a piece of information or the starting point of any work. This can be any reference point from where calculations and measurements can be taken with coordinates' help.

What does datum point mean?

datum point. Jump to navigation Jump to search. datum point (plural datum points) A point which serves as a reference or base for the measurement of other quantities.

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