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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download Dailymotion videos?

Follow these steps to get your video downloaded from Dailymotion by using 4K video Downloader : Get 4K video Downloader downloaded and installed on your computer. Now move to Dailymotion and search the videos that you want to download. Copy URL of the video. Paste the link on main window of 4K video Downloader at specified space.

How can I convert videos to MP4?

How to use VLC as video converter to MP4 1. Convert from the Media menu 2. Select video(s) to convert 3. Select the file name for the converted video 4. Select video format for the conversion 4. Select Advanced Settings if you want 5. Convert Videos saved to MP4

What is the best video format?

Some are the best format for YouTube videos and are most compatible with certain computers, software or devices. Windows Media Video (.WMV) 3GP (Cell Phones) AVI (Windows) MOV (Mac) MP4 (iPod/PSP) MPEG. FLV (Adobe Flash)

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