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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Matlock episodes in order?

Matlock", "The Stripper", "The Court-Martial", "The Seduction", and "The Sisters" – all episodes as to explain how Michelle, Julie and Tyler enjoyed working for Matlock. It concludes with "The Professor", the only episode within the context of trying to find out why Ned's brother had hung himself in jail, after he was found guilty for the murder.

What happened to Kene Holliday on Matlock Season 3?

The third season of Matlock originally aired in the United States on NBC from November 29, 1988, through May 16, 1989. Kene Holliday departed at the end of the season, but appeared twice more early in Season 4.

Why does Matlock go to Manteo?

Matlock travels to Manteo, North Carolina, to defend Spencer Hamilton, the brother of Frank, who was killed in a duck-hunting accident. After Ryan Bartell was shot, immediately after Spencer's brother, Matlock also was approached by a handsome young sheriff, Conrad McMasters, to find evidence in killing Ryan.

What does Matlock discover at the end of Part 1?

While trying to recover from the surprise testimony at the end of Part 1, Matlock discovers the true motivation for Linda's actions. as well as discovering the vital clue that leads to the real killer. Error: please try again.

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