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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the early morning breaking news reporter?

Nicolas Fernandes is the early morning breaking news reporter. A lifelong New Jersey resident, he has previously worked as a features writer and sports reporter. Contact him at 732-540-4401 or [email protected]

Why was the tires slashed on the NYPD cars?

The tires of a half-dozen police vehicles, including those belonging to the NYPD, were slashed on Wednesday during a vigil honoring the fallen New York City officers who died after they were shot by a domestic violence suspect earlier this month, Fox News has learned.

Who is the news of the week on Russian TV?

Russian state TV's flagship political news show, Dmitry Kiselyov's "Vesti Nedeli" ("News of the Week"), opened this past Sunday with Kiselyov saying: "Instead of answers to the peaceful initiatives of the Kremlin, they're burying us with accusations and new threats."

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