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Frequently Asked Questions

What is daily UK Mail?

Daily Mail. It is the principal publication of the Daily Mail and General Trust, but the company also prints the Evening Standard, London Lite and Metro newspapers in the UK. People are often critical of The Daily Mail, because a lot of people think it's racist and sexist. The Daily Mail was first published by Lord Northclife in 1896.

Who is the publisher of Daily Mail?

DMGT, publisher of the Daily Mail, has recruited Thomson Reuters executive Suresh Kavan to run its business information publishing division, replacing Martin Morgan, who is to become group chief executive.

What is the Daily Mail newspaper?

The Daily Mail is a large, well-known newspaper. It started in 1896. It is published every weekday and Saturday from a factory in London, England. It is not printed on Sundays. Its sister paper, the Mail on Sunday, is printed instead.

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