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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Hotmail app for Android?

Hotmail for Android better known as Microsoft Outlook for Android classify your email and keeps important emails to focused inbox which displays your most important emails first. Hence installing Hotmail app for Android is essential for you. There are many other bogus applications similar to Microsoft Outlook.

How many apps are available on Android?

There are a few more apps available on the Android platform than there are on iOS, but not as many as one might think. The total number of Android apps currently available stands at around 1.3 million, while there are about 1.2 million iOS apps available for download. TWEET. But don’t be fooled.

Can I install Android app?

As long as you’re logged in with the same Google account you use for your Android phone or tablet, you can click the install button on the website to remotely install the app on your phone or tablet. If you have multiple Android devices, you can select the one you want the app installed on.

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