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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Man Utd v Liverpool postponed?

Man United's clash against Liverpool on May 2 was postponed after hundreds of fans invaded the pitch and clashed with police. This morning, 10 people were arrested in dawn raids.

Do footballers get ripped when they retire?

FIFA No such thing as retirement! Meet the footballers who kept their ripped figures after hanging up their boots - from David Beckham to Clarence Seedorf During their careers, footballers have to adhere to strict nutritional and training programmes, but not all players get rid of their healthy lifestyle after retiring

Why has top-flight club football taken a backseat since November 7?

Top-flight club football has taken a backseat since November 7 - with World Cup qualifiers for next year's showpiece in Qatar taking precedence in that period instead. Carragher says Solskjaer is not being 'judged solely on the quality of his work' and that the club have stuck with the Norwegian because of his 'emotional attachment' with the fans.

Why did Michael Carrick leave Manchester United?

Michael Carrick has decided to leave Manchester United following his final game as temporary manager of the club. The club confirmed the news in a statement on their official website, in the immediate aftermath of their 3-2 victory over Arsenal.

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