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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Genshin Impact daily check-in?

Click here to go to the official HoYoLab community website. Then click on the Daily checking button situated on the right side. From the rewards, page click on Reward and then log in with your miHoYo account. Once you are done, the reward will directly go to your in-game mail. The Genshin Impact Daily Check-In feature is here!

What happens if I miss a day or two in Genshin?

Don't worry about missing a day or two because the log-in event does not reset its progress. You will pick up where you left off if you are unable to log-in. The rewards are then sent to players via mail in Genshin Impact. Simply claim them and they will be added to your account!

How do you get free primogems in Genshin Impact?

Once logged in, click the Daily check-in button on the right side of the home page. This will take you directly to the Daily Login Rewards page. You will also receive 100 Primogems & 10000 Mora in your first login. Claim the rewards from in-game mail in the Genshin Impact game.

How to access in-game mail in Genshin Impact?

Event and Mail Free Rewards - Genshin Impact Wiki Guide - IGN Event and Mail Free Rewards To access your in-game mail, click on the icon of Paimon in the top-right corner of the game screen (or press ESC) on PC, and then select the mail envelope icon on the sidebar.

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