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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meghan McCain a Daily Mail columnist?

Former "View" co-host Meghan McCain made her debut as a Daily Mail columnist with a blistering takedown of President Biden for not living up to his promise to "heal the soul of America." "No one is healing. Nothing is healed. The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated," McCain began the column.

Who is the current owner of the Daily Mail?

Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, a great-grandson of one of the original co-founders, is the current chairman and controlling shareholder of the Daily Mail and General Trust, while day-to-day editorial decisions for the newspaper are usually made by a team led by the editor, Ted Verity, who succeeded Geordie Greig on 17 November 2021.

Why is the Daily Mail so bad?

The Daily Mail has been widely criticised for its unreliability, as well as printing of sensationalist and inaccurate scare stories of science and medical research, and for copyright violations.

Who is the Daily Mail editor who trolled wikipedia?

^ Lotto Persio, Sofia (28 March 2017). "Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre trolled on Wikipedia in backlash for 'Legs-it' front page". International Business Times. IBT Media.

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