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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Bachelorette producers tell fans not to wear masks?

'The #bachelorette producers after reading #BachelorNation's tweets about the audience not wearing masks at the live super-spreader show,' one user tweeted with an Oprah meme dolling out masks.

Can the Bachelorette save the channel 10 dating show franchise?

Ideas: The Bachelorette's Todd King (pictured) has revealed SIX things he thinks could save the Channel 10 dating show franchise after the series recorded its lowest ratings in history The element of surprise and being able to stop by anytime would have the suitors on their feet.

Do the Bachelor and The Bachelorette need a lot of work?

It comes after Channel 10 boss Beverley McGarvey admitted that The Bachelor and Bachelorette need 'a lot of work' after both shows bombed in the ratings.

How did The Bachelorette’s Rachel Adams and Adam Clark meet?

Whirlwind: Adams and Clark met when he competed for her heart on season 16 of The Bachelorette last year, which saw Adams step in as the leading lady after Clare Crawley dropped out to be with contestant Dale Moss (pictured in 2020)

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