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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days are in a lunar cycle?

The lunar cycle lasts slightly over 27 Earth days, or the same amount of time it takes the moon to complete one orbit around the Earth and complete one lunar day. The phases of the lunar cycle change based upon the moon's location along its orbit.

Who created the lunar calendar?

The phases of the Moon form the basis of a lunar calendar. The Mayan Calendar was a lunar calendar system based on the agriculture requirements of living in a rain forest. The Mayans invented numerous calendar systems, but the most important one was the sacred tzolkin. This calendar was made up of 260 days and had two repeating cycles.

What is a cycle date?

The date the account is issued a new statement to show activity such as payments, credits, charges and fees from the previous cycle. Occurs 5 days after the due date each month. Due Date. The date that a minimum payment is due to avoid a Late Fee being accessed to the account. Occurs 5 days before the cycle date each month. Cycle date = May 8th.

What is about the Lunar Sabbath?

The lunar sabbath is a fairly recent teaching that is spreading throughout the seventh day sabbath keeping churches. And although there are slight differences in the teachings out there concerning the lunar sabbath, the core of the teaching seems to be constant.

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