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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose cvesd?

Welcome to CVESD! Students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District experience a rigorous 21st Century learning environment that is rooted in effective teaching practices and high-quality instruction. Our mission is to nurture every child's imagination, intellect, and sense of inquiry.

How many schools are in cvesd?

Located in southern San Diego County, the District's 45 schools serve nearly 30,000 students, primarily in grades PreK-6. CVESD views families as full partners in education, working with us for the benefit of each child. Founded in 1892, the District believes "Each Child is an Individual of Great Worth."

How much did cvesd win the Department of Defense grant?

About CVESD Awarded Nearly $900,000 Grant by Department of Defense Program for Military Dependents read more... About Safety Starts at Home read more... About CVESD Strategies Highlighted in Case Study

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