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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guide to the Customs Map in escape from Tarkov?

To steer you clear of such disasters, and hopefully help you improve your map knowledge, we’ve assembled a handy guide to the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov, including all extraction points, spawns, boss spawns, and key areas.

What are normal and insane maps in Tarkov?

Shoreline and Woods are considered "Normal" maps while Customs and Factory are considered "Insane" maps. Our wiki contains all the extraction points for each map, alongside other noteable locations. Click on one below and use it while you are exploring Tarkov!

Where can I find reshala in escape from Tarkov?

The raid boss Reshala frequently spawns at Dorms and Gas Station. However, he can also spawn at an area far east shown on the map above. I hope this guide on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov helps you get a better understanding of the game.

Where is the best place to extract from customs?

As a scav only extraction, Factory Shacks is a great extraction point on Customs if you are venturing into Dorms. It is one of the closest extractions to Dorms and it is smack-dab in the center of the map. This is also good extraction if you are injured and cannot walk across the entire map in a timely fashion.

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