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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose curcurvetech?

Curvetech is a former and fabricator of skins, sheet metal and extruded products for the aircraft, military and space programs. Curvetech has the capability to provide an invaluable manufacturing flexibility for a vast number of aerospace product designs. Curvetech produces a superior finished product. Depend on our:

Why choose curvetech® subsea components?

With over 20 years’ knowledge and experience of providing integrated solutions for subsea and marine applications, Curvetech® subsea component products provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for use with marine and subsea operators, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

What are curvetech® thrusters?

SMD’s Curvetech® range of thrusters offer industry-leading high performance with near equal forward and reverse thrust. The range encompasses thrusters from 230mm diameter to 750mm diameter with various motor options, which provides the designer with a high level of choice to ensure vehicle performance is maximised.

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