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Frequently Asked Questions

What does font have crossed W?

The most obvious characteristic is the W with crossed central vertex. It is a solid geometric sans-serif font, a book font NOT a decorative font. Light and slightly oblique. W - central vertex crosses like overlapping VV (e.g. Garamond Antiqua but sans-serif)

What is font for cursive?

Blackadder ITC is an elaborate cursive font that features rough lines to mimic the dated style of classic calligraphy. Freestyle Script is probably the most unique cursive font because upper case letters are more slanted than they are cursive, whereas lower case letters in this font family follow standard cursive rules.

What is the font font?

A font is a set of printable or displayable text character s in a specific style and size. The type design for a set of fonts is the typeface and variations of this design form the typeface family . Thus, Helvetica is a typeface family, Helvetica italic is a typeface, and Helvetica italic 10-point is a font.

What is font icon?

Icon fonts are vector graphics that are added to content using CSS content property. Similar to regular fonts, icon fonts are scalable and can be managed using code. This is one of the biggest advantages of the latter over bitmap images.

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