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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a wooden cross decoration?

I found some sticks outside and tied them together with jute twine by wrapping it around where the sticks cross. So that the crosses stand up straight I put floral foam in the box first. Then I just pushed the crosses into the foam. Add moss and some rocks on top of the floral foam. That’s it on how to make a wooden cross decoration.

Can you make an Easter Cross with a wooden cross?

If you learn how to make a wooden cross you can use them for so many things. This is an easy and inexpensive DIY Easter cross decoration that you could put anywhere! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from Amazon and/or

What materials are used to make crosses?

People make crosses from many different kinds of materials, from palm fronds to large wood planks. Most churches have a large cross inside near the pulpit. Constructing a properly proportioned cross can be done with some basic tools. Sorry, the video player failed to load. (Error Code: 100013)

What size wood do you use to make a cross?

For example, a 5 foot tall cross should use planks 5 inches in width. For a church interior, a 12 foot high by 6 foot wide cross is considered appropriate. Step 3 Cut the wood to size and mark the cross where the two pieces intersect.

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