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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lower crossed syndrome and what are its causes?

The lower crossed syndrome (LCS) is the result of muscle strength imbalances in the lower segment. These imbalances can occur when muscles are constantly shortened or lengthened in relation to each other.

What are the symptoms of Lower crossed syndrome?

The Pelvic Cross Syndrome is characterised by a tightness of the hip flexors and back muscles and a weakness (inhibition) of the Gluteal muscles, abdominals and the hamstrings. Signs of a Pelvic Cross Syndrome are: Symptoms are often pain and tightness of the bottom of the lower back.

What is crossed pelvic syndrome?

The Pelvic Crossed Syndrome. The Pelvic Cross Syndrome (also known as lower cross syndrome) is defined as an abnormal adapted posture of the lower back, which results from muscle strength imbalances. This is frequently associated with the combination of prolonged sitting and poor posture.

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