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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the LGBT rainbow flag actually exist?

The problem is, it doesn’t actually exist. The hubbub began yesterday, when a Twitter user named “mitchell” posted a tweet of what looked like an LGBT rainbow flag with a crossed-out circle over it. Or at least that was what some people saw if they were using an iPhone.

What does gay pride mean to you?

"Gay pride" is an arrogant slogan that started as an arrogant angry pushback against shaming, that came mostly from religious indocrination, btw. And it's very name, which says what it stands for pushes non gay people away.

Is this LGBT pride emoji promoting anti-LGBT messages?

The appearance of an emoji-like icon which appears to promote an anti-LGBT message has sparked outrage on social media. The emoji, which features an LGBT pride flag with a crossed-out circle, has gone viral on Twitter after it was first discovered on 18 February.

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