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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crossover in basketball?

This article has been viewed 452,936 times. Also known as an ankle-breaker, the crossover is a dribbling technique used to create space between yourself and a defender. It involves faking to one side and getting the defender to follow you before bouncing the ball back over to your other hand.

Did Jordan Clarkson's Wink cross the line at NBA game?

"It did cross the line, I was walking away initially and then he said something again," Clarkson said. I turned back around and then he said it again. I'm just like, "What's going on?" Literally, there was a guy sitting next to him the whole game saying stuff, doing stuff, but I knew it was playful -- me and him kept winking at each other.

What is the crossroads athletics program?

As stated in our philosophy, Crossroads is committed to “the development of each student’s physical well-being and full human potential.” From grades five to 12, the Athletics program inspires students to pursue competitive team sports, furthering friendships, building character on and off the field and promoting school and individual pride.

What are some shielding techniques in basketball?

Another effective shielding technique is to dribble the ball between your legs. Most typically, you'd dribble back through your non-dominant leg, catching the ball with that hand, but you can improvise in all sorts of ways.

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