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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cricket Frvr?

Play Cricket FRVR - Hit the ball and score a Six! In Cricket FRVR, you're star batter of your team, and your goal is to stay on guard as players try to hit your team's wicket with the ball. Try to score a run by hitting the ball and then run to the other end of the field before the field team can return the ball.

Where can I play cricket online?

Cricket Games Play cricket games at Cricket is a bat and ball game where a ball is pitched and hit by a batsman. The field cricket is played on is circular and there are fielding team and batting team with innings. If you enjoy the sport of cricket, you will enjoy this vast collection of cricket games at Y8.

What is cricket games me?

Welcome to, our website is dedicated to all the free cricket games inspired by the great game of Cricket. We have put together this collection for you to enjoy. Our collection of flash Cricket games consists of batting games, test catch games and much more.

What is power play cricket?

Power Play Cricket Pick your favourite cricket team and choose a quick challenge game or a world cup tournament. The choice is up to you. Either way the aim is to be the best and win. Power Cricket T20 The fast and furious form of the game.

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