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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cricket game?

Ashes Cricket is easily the best cricket game in the world right now. It's the only console game on the list, and it's one of the better games we've played. The game released in 2017, ahead of The Ashes series that’s currently being hosted in Australia.

How many players in a cricket game?

Cricket is a game played between two teams made up of eleven players each. There is also a reserve player called a “twelfth man” who is used should a player be injured during play.

How do you play cricket game?

One member of the fielding team bowls to batters while the others play the field. Batters must score runs by hitting the ball and then running between the ends of the pitch. A batter can be put out if a hit ball is caught or if the bowled ball hits the striking batsman's wickets, among a number of other possibilities.

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