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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credit Sesame really free?

Yes, Credit Sesame basic membership is 100% free! In fact, we do not even ask for a credit card and there are no trial periods. Here's what is included in your free membership: Monthly credit score.

What is Sesame Credit Score?

Sesame Credit. For the American credit score service, see Credit Sesame. Sesame Credit, also known as Zhima Credit, is a private credit scoring and loyalty program system developed by Ant Financial Services Group (AFSG), an affiliate of the Chinese Alibaba Group. It uses data from Alibaba's services to compile its score.

Does Credit Sesame work?

Credit Sesame is a free personal financial management tool that assists users with monetary liabilities. While other financial management tools incorporate bank accounts, retirement investments and target savings goals, Credit Sesame stays on the debt side of the transaction.

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