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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credit Sesame a legit site?

credit sesame legit is usually a authorized summary of the financial transaction arising within specific stretch of time for every bank account which is held by a company or anyone using a monetary establishment.

Is Credit Sesame credible?

No. When you use credit sesame they do a soft pull on your credit report, this is not used by any scoring algorithms to calculate your credit score and isn’t something lenders consider when you apply for a new loan.

Is Credit Sesame legitimate?

To put your mind at ease, the answer is a resounding “Yes,” Credit Sesame is a legitimate free website that provides you with a free credit score and free credit report. It also monitors your credit score and alerts you of any suspicious problems with your credit report. Moreover, there are several ways to check if Credit Sesame is indeed legit.

Is Credit Sesame accurate?

Credit Sesame is essentially as accurate as any other alternative. Since information from your credit report is the basis, they are using the same details as any other service, more or less. The only point of debate tends to be Credit Sesame’s use of the VantageScore instead of a genuine FICO score.

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