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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Credit Karma membership?

If you’d still like to cancel your membership, simply click here. If you’d prefer to cancel your account by mail, you can send us the following information in a letter: Your full name. Your date of birth. The email address associated with your active Credit Karma account. A request to cancel your account.

How do you Change Your Credit Karma password?

To reset your password while you’re logged in to Credit Karma Tax: Hover over “Profile & Settings” in the upper-right hand corner. Click “Security Settings”. Scroll down to the “Change Password” section of your Security Settings page. Enter a new password. Enter that new password again. Verify your current password.

How accurate are Credit Karma credit scores?

The simple response to such uncertainty is that, yes, Credit Karma is both accurate and functional. It will tell you what your credit score is according to one model, as well as what’s on two of your major credit reports, thereby helping you better understand your finances.

What is Credit Karma score range?

Here’s a breakdown of what’s typically considered a “Good” credit score. Most score ranges go from 300 - 850, and generally, scores between 700-749 are labeled “Good,” while 750 and above are labeled “Excellent”.

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