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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Credit Acceptance Corporation pay?

How much does Credit Acceptance Corporation - Information Design & Documentation in the United States pay? The average Credit Acceptance Corporation salary ranges from approximately $64,765 per year for Test Analyst to $88,057 per year for Senior Information Security Analyst.

How can bad credit score affect employment opportunities?

A bad credit score not only makes it harder to get a loan, it can also hurt your chances of getting a job. When you apply for a new position, employers might consider your credit score as part of their hiring decision. If you have a bad credit score, you need to be aware of how this works so you can prepare for this extra challenge to your career.

Can bad credit affect employment?

Practically speaking, your damaged credit report can have a very bad impact on your job search whether you are employed or currently looking for one. A good employer can verify your financial details, as per the state law. Your bad credit report can make a bad impression on your future employers' mind.

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