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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a true code?

True Code is a PC based software package with interface and OBD connection that specialises in programming vehicle remotes, keys and cards, and reads the security pincodes on a selected range of vehicles.

What are the rights of a creator?

The Creator's Bill of Rights (officially, A Bill of Rights for Comics Creators) was a document drafted in November 1988 by a number of independent comic book artists, writers, and publishers, designed to protect their rights as creators and publishers and oppose exploitation by corporate work for hire practices and the power of distributors to ...

What is a creator tag?

Tagging lets developers mark important checkpoints in the course of their projects' development. For instance, software release versions can be tagged. (Ex: v1.3.2) It essentially allows you to give a commit a special name (tag).

What is a web creator called?

A food web creator is a tool used to construct a food web, which is a map that illustrates the feeding relationship among all animals in an ecosystem. Species are connected by lines and arrows called "links," and they are sometimes referred to as "nodes.".

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