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Frequently Asked Questions

How should creationism and evolution be taught in public schools?

However, evolution should be taught as part of a science course while creationism should be taught as part of a philosophy or world religions course. Before delving into how the origins of life should be taught in public schools, it is first necessary to define the purpose of public school education.

What is the major conflict between evolution and creationism?

The Origins of the Universe. Another related error made by some creationists is the idea that evolutionary theory cannot explain the origin of the universe while creationism does. Once again, this is used to explain how evolution is inferior to creationism.

What makes more sense creationism or evolution?

…yeah, evolution really makes more sense than creation to me. Of course. Evolution allows different species of animals to adapt to an ever-changing environment. On the other end, creationism, 90% of the animals that a "creator" made no longer exist.

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