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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is true theory of evolution or creation?

There is no legitimate controversy in science over the issue of evolution/creationism, because evolution is supported by a mountain of evidence, observations, and facts, while creationism has yet to produce any real science.

What is the major conflict between evolution and creationism?

The Origins of the Universe. Another related error made by some creationists is the idea that evolutionary theory cannot explain the origin of the universe while creationism does. Once again, this is used to explain how evolution is inferior to creationism.

Can You Believe in both evolution and creationism?

You Can't Believe in Both Creationism & Evolution. Belief in a supernatural creator always leaves open the possibility that human beings are a fully-intended part of creation. If the Creator chooses to interact with creation, he could very well influence the evolutionary process to ensure the arrival of his intended result . . . .

Does evolution contradict creationism?

Evolution explains how.”Thus Evolution does not contradict Creationism at all. People can easily believe both without contradicting themselves. Creation Versus Evolution: Part II Examining the EvidenceThings that at first may appear contradictory can in the end mesh well together.

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