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Frequently Asked Questions

How much evidence is there to support the creationist theory?

There is no creationist theory. A theory in science is an idea that adequately explains all the available evidence. There is literally no evidence to support creationism, so it is simply a hypothesis (and a debunked one at that).

What is the most compelling evidence for creationism?

creationism : Literally no evidence supports this. There is not a balance of evidence, pro and contra. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming, the evidence for creationism is merely dogmatic interpretations of Genesis, which is not evidence at all in the scientific sense. In the Middle Ages, Aristotle had almost equal authority.

What evidence is there to support creationism?

There is no scientific evidence to support any creationist theories, whereas “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” ( Dobzhansky, 1973, p. 125). What I will discuss is whether creationist ideas should be discussed in science classrooms.

Does the evidence support creationism?

Most creationist "evidence" consists of an effort to refute evolution as if doing so would render their "theory" somehow more believable, a false dichotomy at best. Rather than finding independent, scientific evidence that points to the truth of creationism, most creationists are concerned primarily with trying to disprove evolution.

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