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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I host Kahoots in a group?

The group admin and invited members share kahoots on a common interest or topic for each other to host. All members can view and host kahoots that are shared with the group by other members. In a team space, members can edit kahoots added by others.

What is a Kahoot group?

Unlike a team space, where members create one centralized library of content, Groups let Kahoot! users build curated banks of content that are targeted to specific use cases and individuals – saving time and ensuring relevant resources find the right hosts. How do members collaborate?

How did one student create a Kahoot game?

One student signed into Kahoot and created the game by copying and pasting the information from the shared google doc. 6. Students, in their groups, then played each group’s Kahoot! game.

How do I move a Kahoot from one space to another?

Start by transferring the kahoots from a team space to My Kahoots and then add it to a group. The original kahoot will still be accessible in My Kahoots. As the owner of the kahoot, you can remove it from the group at any time.

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