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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a free Kahoot account?

Follow these steps to create a free Kahoot! account: 1. Navigate to Kahoot!: 2. Click on the "Sign Up for Free" button on the home page. 3. Educators are eligible for free accounts. You will need to supply the following information when registering for an account:

What is a Kahoot user profile?

A user profile lets you sign in on any device at or with our iOS/Android mobile app to securely create your own content.

How do I play Kahoot classic?

Once you’ve found a kahoot, click play and then select classic; Find a kahoot to play from the discover page; This will open the kahoot creator where you can adjust kahoot settings and add questions. It’s often observed that when a student tries to access kahoot app on their devices, they find it hard to create the account online.

How do I sign up for Kahoot as a teacher?

Go to Click Sign Up in the upper right corner of the website. Choose As a teacher. Select Sign up with Microsoft. In “Sign in” page, enter your Microsoft Cougarnet credentials: [email protected] and password. In “Permission requested” page, select Accept.

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